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Information Security
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The major of information security is a first-class major in Chongqing, with strong teachers, and has achieved a series of high-level scientific research results in the research fields of privacy protection and new cryptography. This major systematically cultivates students to (1) master the basic theories and technologies of information security, typical methods, and key technologies of information systems and security; (2) own high comprehensive qualities, strong practical innovation and knowledge renewal capabilities;(3)have sound personality, senior professional and technical personnel with international vision and social satisfaction. To improve the quality of talent training, this major has built a special information security counter laboratory and established a collaborative education mechanism with mainstream domestic security vendors. Graduates have the ability to engage in continuing research, as well as the ability to engage in the design and development of professional engineering applications such as computer virus defense, internet security intrusion detection, electronic certification, mobile terminal security defense, and computer forensics.