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Research Team

1.Big Data Intelligence and Service Computing Team

Team Introduction: The Big Data and Service Computing (BDSC) team is based on several key laboratories and engineering research centers, including the CPS Key Laboratory of Ministry of Education, the Chongqing Key Laboratory of Software Theory and Technology, the Chongqing Pharmaceutical Intelligent Logistics Engineering Research Center, the Chongqing Real Estate Intelligent Big Data Processing Engineering Research Center, and other provincial and ministerial level research platforms. Facing the major national and local economic development needs in public security, smart cities, smart agriculture, health care, aerospace, etc., the team mainly focuses on research topics related to big data computing and optimization, intelligent big data understanding and mining, blockchain, intelligent big data analytics and services, and trusted service computing. By accumulating original theoretical achievements, the team aims to achieve innovative applications. Currently, the team members are undertaking two National Key R&D Programs, many other key projects including National Key Technology Research and Development Program, National High-Tech R&D Program of China (863 Program), etc. The team has published more than 200 high-quality papers on internationally recognized journals including IEEE/ACM Transactions and top-level conferences (e.g., CCF rank A/B conferences). The research results were awarded one First Prize and one Second Prize of Science and Technology Development of the Ministry of Education, four Second Prizes and four Third Prizes of Chongqing Natural Science Award, and one First Prize of Wu Wenjun Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology Development. More than 200 patents were granted and 35 patents were transferred, generating indirect economic benefits of more than 40 million yuan in total. Specifically, the third-party service platform for supply chain management in the motorcycle industry was awarded the 2011 China Industry-University-Research Cooperation Innovation Achievement Award.The platform has gathered three industry leaders and 1,200 supporting enterprises, with an annual transaction volume of 1.8 billion yuan.

2.Intelligent Networks and Advanced ComputingTeam

Team IntroductionThe discipline of "Intelligent Networks and Advanced Computing" mainly focuses on research on frontier scientific issues such as new perceptual processing networks and new computing storage architectures. There are many young and middle-aged scholars in the team, who are high-level talents introduced from the United States, France, Singapore and other regions. The team has a solid research foundation and great academic impact on new perceptual processing networks and human-in-the-loop, intelligent edge computing, new logic-in-memory architecture, and domain-specific computing. Specifically, the team proposed an intelligent multi-task optimization framework for the first time, and won the Outstanding Paper Award of IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation 2019 (only one paper in the world); the work on smart city trajectories data mining was twice reported by IEEE Spectrum in 2011 and 2016, which has generated a high visibility in the world; in terms of new storage especially in the research direction of edge-to-end collaborative file system, mobile distributed storage system, intelligent logic-in-memory, it has built one of the strongest teams in China, and has won the support and recognition of the national and world storage industry. In particular, the team has presided over 2 consecutive national 863 projects. The memory file system SIMFS independently designed and developed by the team has reached the world's highest reading and writing speed, and it has passed the test and appraisal of Huawei and the technology transformation has been completed.

3.Machine Learning and Cross-Media Perception Team

Team IntroductionThe subject direction of "Machine Learning and Cross-Media Perception" focuses on research on cutting-edge scientific issues such as pattern recognition and image processing. The research team has accumulated rich research experience and theoretical foundation in this field. Besides, the team has achieved internationally advanced research achievements in the fields of wavelet construction, graphic feature analysis and extraction, natural language processing, fingerprint and face analysis and extraction. Moreover, the team members have written many monographs, including the English monograph published by the famous Singapore World Scientific Publishing House, "Wavelet Theory and its Application to Pattern Recognition", which is the first international monograph on the interdisciplinary study of wavelet analysis theory and pattern recognition. Furthermore, the team founded the first ESI journal on the interdisciplinary of wavelet analysis theory and pattern recognition. In addition, in terms of medical image processing, the team has carried out in-depth cooperation with the Army Medical University, Southwest Hospital, 301 Hospital, etc. At present, the Chongqing Engineering Technology Research Center of "Digital Human Body and Digital Medicine" has been established in cooperation with the Army Medical University. Relevant scientific research achievements have been applied to assist doctors in medical image analysis. Last but not least, the research achievements of the team were nominated by the Ministry of Education for the first prize of the National Natural Science Award.

4. Computational Intelligence and Information Security Team

Team Introduction:Our research team mainly focuses on the basic theories of computational intelligence, big data security and privacy protection mechanism under new computing environment. Our team was selected into the Program for Innovative Research Team in University of Chongqing municipality, and has a great academic influence in the research fields of artificial neural networks and information security at home and abroad. Professor Xiaofeng Liao and Professor Xiao Di have both been selected as "Elsevier Highly Cited Chinese Researchers in Computer Science" for seven consecutive years.

Our team has published more than 180 SCI journal papers related to artificial neural networks in the past ten years. Our team's research on "Artificial Neural Network Stability, Bifurcation and Its Application" has won the first prize of Chongqing Municipality Natural Science Award in 2017. Our team has also won the second prizes of provincial and ministerial-level natural science awards three times. According to the list of the top 20 research institutes and universities published by Thomson of the United States in 2011, our team research work ranked 12th in the world in the field of artificial neural network research.

In the field of information security and privacy protection, our team's research has also achieved a series of leading results in chaotic cryptography, multimedia security and big data security and privacy protection. Our team has published more than 150 papers in SCI journals related to information security in the past ten years. Our team's research on "Theory and Method of Data Security Protection under New Computing Environment" has won the first prize of Chongqing Municipality Natural Science Award in 2020. Our team has also won the second prizes of provincial and ministerial-level natural science awards twice.