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The 10th Academic Frontier Forum of College of Computer was held
Update  :  2021-06-10     Read  :  

On the afternoon of June 10, 2021, the 10th Academic Frontier Forum of College of Computer was held in Room1811 of Main buliding. This activity was presided over by Guo Songtao, the vice president. Xie Hong and Li Rongzhen from the team of Big Data Intelligence and Service Computing were invited to give lectures.

Xie Hong was on the theme of data mining and machine learning algorithms and their applications in data science and network. He took his own research project as an example and introduced the research ideas of his group. Then, he described that the main challenges faced by user rating (feedback) data analysis were biased ratings and ratings affected by historical ratings, The second challenge was mainly divided into four effects. Finally, the graph data analysis and mining were elaborated and the main results were shared.

Li Rongzhen focused on deep reinforcement learning, network and system optimization, and machine dialogue system. Firstly, he illustrated relationship extraction with examples. Secondly, he introduced two methods of relationship extraction: Pipeline and Joint, then, he briefly described the differences and challenges between the two methods. Finally, the problems and challenges of relation extraction and the future research directions were summarized.

Guo Songtao summed up and encouraged teachers to further strengthen scientific research cooperation, and jointly helped the development of academic research of the college, laying a good foundation for the improvement of the level of scientific research in the future.